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Written by ECC student Robert Garcias 

College Course: ESL Writing

Professor Jess Willard

November 29, 2023

Grandmother Susan Stanton 

Susan Stanton's presentation was compelling as she shared stories aimed at healing the wounds caused by life's challenges, emphasizing that adversity is an inevitable part of our journey. Through her narratives, she encourages us to confront and navigate the difficult aspects of life. 


Written by ECC Student: Justin Bridges

College Course: Creative Writing

Professor: Christina Marrocco

November 13, 2022

The Lord of the Forest

Reclining on the low-lying tree branch, the noble golden beast lifts his head; rounded ears perk up and yellow eyes train in on the sound of rustling in the underbrush. Abruptly a graceful, twenty-foot bound places the painter squarely on the leaf-covered floor of the forest. Relentless, stalking, solitary; the silent pursuit begins.


As the sun dips lower in the sky, the focus of the big cat’s hunger reorients on larger prey, a favorite; a tan doe hiding in plain sight. The chase is over quickly and though the tangy flesh looks tempting; the cadaver is instead buried to protect it from scavengers. 


A shrill shriek resembling a woman’s scream pierces the dark, produced by the Lord of the Forest. He doesn’t have long to wait. A smaller lion with three spotted kittens sporting blue eyes slink into the clearing. The freshly moved dirt attracts their attention and the feast begins.


You are living, indeed. You, the wizard, red Mountain Lion, tlvdaji. Great Spirit gave you the power to see and be active at night. A reward for your ability to remain awake during the first seven nights of creation.

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